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Erin Timony

Erin Timony Image

This body of work explores the artists personal Longing for home and family. Utilising floral forms, such as the seed and blossom as metaphor for cyclical growth and the passing of time.

Longing to re experience childhood sensations, possibly romanticized, of simplicity and security, as felt in vivid memories of childhood exploration of local plant life; the artist re creates these forms in precious metals, making by hand using fine jewellery techniques, to give permanence to these seasonal and temporal precious plants. Including the layered structure of quaking grass (Briza maxima), Christmas bells (Blandfordia nobilis) and the Tea tree blossom (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Floral forms have often been used to reflect upon human mortality and our (involuntary) participation and position in the human life cycle. Here the artist longs to grab hold of a memory and encapsulate it in metal, effectively stopping time.