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Janis Valdivia

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Janis Valdivia Image


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The main source of inspiration for my work comes from abstract paintings and the beach. In particular I’m interested in capturing shapes and forms. I like the asymmetry of objects that connects with basic things in life and finding the special in the ordinary.

My work is predominantly hand fabricated using sterling silver. It also incorporates other materials such as delrin, perspex, felt, bone, glass and 18k gold. I have discovered and continue to discover in this whole process that using dye makes my work colourful and that bone transforms my shapes into sophisticated pieces of art.

I use traditional metal smithing techniques to form each piece but employ contemporary methods to create unique and textured surface. Currently I’m beginning to work again with wax carving which I have to confess is one of those techniques that I have so much fun with when creating new designs.

Not only do I appreciate the challenge of metal fabrication but also feel immense satisfaction knowing that each of my pieces are wearable no matter who the wearer is. This is one of the rewards that I get at the end of a long day in the workshop which I love!!!