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Jenny Papalexandris

Jenny Papalexandris Image

Jenny Papalexandris Image

Jenny Papalexandris Image

The work Khrysallis depicts a sculptural group composed of a series of elemental forms. This composition is part of an ongoing investigation which explores organic growth and the structure of form. The individual pieces interact and shape the space around them to form a dynamic unified whole.

Look at a leaf, hold it and turn it in your hands. Surface of revolution. Obovate, lanceolate in shape. There are many variants. Look at the main leaf forms in nature. Make it look less like a leaf and more like a form about that leaf. Change the colour. Change the size. Change its encoded function from nature. Change the volume and space it occupies, make it flatter then make it fuller. Make that leaf into a container. Khrysallis. Make it about the feeling of the leaf when you first saw it and held it in your hands.