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Sladjana Spaic

Sladjana Spaic Image

Sladjana Spaic is a Bosnian-born artist, currently living and working in 
Sydney. Sladjana works with mixed media involving paper, shellac, charcoal and graphite. The artworks result in amber-coloured tones, giving the pieces an aged, antique appearance. The idea behind the work is based on exploring the concept of the 'soul', 'identity', the 'self-consciousness', the 'inner awareness'. Fragile handwriting scrolls across delicate portraits and figure drawings, layered with text and amber colours of shellac. Sladjana explores the effects of personal hardship and displacement on the individuals perception of themselves, both in the tangible external world, as well as in the spiritual sense. Sladjana's compositions are complex, full of symbolism and cultural and religious metaphors. The finished works have the illusion of visual distance, as well as hinting at an intrusion into the personal world of another.