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Claire Stannard

Claire Stannard Image


Claire Stannard Image


Claire Stannard Image

1994-1997 Bachelor of Visual Arts – Sydney Collage of the Arts

1998 Enmore Design Centre – Design Fundamentals This Way Up - Group show Customs House Circular Quay Finalist ‘Young Designer of the Year’- Sydney Morning Herald / Powerhouse Museum

1999-Current Establishment of ‘stannard-inc’ mens & womens urban accessories.


Artist Statement
‘My work is concerned with exploring the relationship between art & design, aesthetics & ideas....with a deliberate attempt to keep it playful & accessible rather than esoteric.’


Sydney-based artist Claire Suzy Stannard has always been fascinated with the flawlessness of geometric art and her recent work exploring the ideals of balance and symmetry in modern design is being showcased at Gallery Adagio in Glebe.


Retaining their classical beauty, mathematical forms, impossible perspectives, and brutalist architecture are pushed in new directions.

With brilliant use of colour and superb balance between design and form, Claire’s art creates an immediate visual impact.


Claire’s work, displayed in 2- and 3-dimensions, uses a variety of media including wood, perspex and recycled materials (that modern society creates then discards), to create sculptures & wall-pieces that invite the viewer to partake of the geometric aesthetic.


‘Geometry forms the basis of the spaces we inhabit, the contours around us, the patterns that delight our eyes, the mapping that we do of terrestrial & cosmic positions, & even the rhythm of our lives’. ‘The Persistence of Geometry’ Lowey Stokes Sims The Cleveland Museum of Modern Art