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David Cruickshank

David Cruickshank 'Palace'


David Cruickshank 'Palace Stair'


David Cruickshank Image


David Cruickshank Image


Designer Jeweller and Silversmith


2008 Research in Morocco and production work.

1982 - 2008 Designing and making jewellery and silversmithing. also part time teaching, Enmore TAFE.

1982 Moved to Australia.

1971 - 1982 Opened business in London, design and making jewellery.

1964 - 1971 Teaching and studying, London.

1963 Travelling Spain and Morocco.

1962 - 1964 Silversmithing Denmark.

1962 Diploma in Silversmithing and Graphic Design. Gray's School of Art. Aberdeen, Scotland.


Commissions: Silver Mace for University of New South Wales.
Silver bowls for Opera Australia.
Private Collections.
Large Chess set and board.


My training as a Designer and Silversmith and my quest to develop technically as a Jeweller has given me the ability to tackle design and manufacturing challenges in both traditional and modern techniques.


I enjoy working to exacting standards to produce work that is both precise and aesthetically pleasing. Also liasing with clients to fulfil their design requirements.


I have a well equipped workshop and can cover silversmithing, jewellery, small scale metalwork, and work in wood and plastics.


Though Silversmithing is my preferred medium, most of my work is in gold using precious stones.


During my many visits to Morocco I draw, paint and photograph from the grand landscapes, the people and the small details of architecture.